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Waxing services

Unwanted body hair can make you feel self conscious or insecure. There is no need to rough it when waxing is a fast and effective way to that smooth toned look and feel. Hair regrowth is slower and softer and easier to remove. No more razor bumps of prickly skin! Set up your appointment today!

What areas can't be waxed?

The only areas on the body that really can't be waxed are the head (and on men), the beard area.

Does waxing hurt?

The initial hair removal can cause mild discomfort. however, it is not as painful as expected. The momentary sensation when the esthetician removes the wax strip is the worst of it. Newer hair grows lighter, softer and become much easier and less painful to remove.

What is the aftercare?

Even though your esthetician will apply lotion to calm your skin after a session, it will still be sensitive and you should avoid tanning or heavy sun, swimming in pools (due to chlorine), and even intimate contact is best to be avoided on the day of.

Recommendation is every 4-6 weeks depending on how quickly the hair growth happens.

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