Dr Washington is an activist, a father, and a humanitarian.

Dr William Washington wants to help people and the community that surrounds them.

Innovative Women’s Health founder Dr. Will Washington wakes up every day with the same purpose.  To help people and the community that surrounds them

Both a family man and a humanitarian,  Dr. Washington’s path into the medical field was by no means without its share of challenges.  From a very young age, it was obvious he was a man making his own journey.

"Just being black and youthful is a glorious struggle…"
Dr William Washington

As a child his first love was skateboarding, honing his will to take each day as a new challenge. Skateboarding gave way to basketball, as his drive culminated in becoming a 4-year varsity athlete, being honored his senior season by making the “all-metro” team of Seattle’s elite players.

Today that same drive continues on, as Dr. Washington pushes expectations and offers results as one of the PNW’s premier anti-aging physicians.  His motto “Avoid disease and promote health” is a maxim that holds true for the practice from top-to-bottom.

True to his word, Dr. Washington and Innovative Women’s Health continue to provide industry leading anti-aging solutions for women that are serious about improving quality of life.

Dr. Washington serves as Chief Medical Director for Innovative Women’s Health, and is board certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine by the American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners

Innovative Women’s offers cutting-edge solutions for patients seeking solutions for medical weight-loss, sexual health, hormonal imbalances, and sleep disorders just to name a few.  From the first time you walk into the door we put our expertise to work, giving you an ally all along the way.

Our Women’s Clinic was established to provide discreet access to our team of licensed doctors with over 50 years of collective experience helping women reclaim their best life

Through a unique program focusing on our patients as individuals, we put our specialized approach and experience to work for you.

Dr. Washington still hones his craft to this day, working two weekends a month directly in the ER

But hands on practice is nothing new to the physician.  While earning his degree from Illinois College of Medicine, Dr. Washington enlisted the help of his peers to offer free urgent care for the homeless one day a week.

“You can find me in the role of Doctor and community activist,”  when asked about his passions. “Whether it be labor, environmental, racial, or housing; whatever kind of justice, I’m here to help and listen”.

Though a successful practitioner in his own right, Dr. Washington has also helped countless others in the medical field make a name for themselves.  Over the years he has provided internships and advice, believing that empowering those around him gives the community the best chance at improving their quality of life.

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