Sometimes your story changes

Tattoo's can tell the story of your life. But, if your tattoo no longer fits your lifestyle or future ambitions, there is a fast effective way to have it removed. Laser tattoo removal is the safest and quickest treatment available to remove unwanted ink from your skin. Don't just cover it up - Remove it and write a new chapter in your story.

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Tattoo removal

Life changes and so can your tattoo. The Harmony XL is super effective on black and colored tattoo’s. Before you begin, you should know that no tattoo removal is guaranteed.

We use the Harmony XL Laser which is excellent for dark ink removal even on darker skin tones. 

10 things to be aware of regarding tattoo removal.

  1. Set your expectations

    Set your expectations by speaking with a few aestheticians prior to your appointment. There is a small chance that your tattoo will only partially fade after several treatments leaving a ghost image of your tattoo. Permanent raised scarring may also be a concern. So the big question is: Would you rather do a cover up, or be left with a ghost image or partial tattoo?

  2. It requires multiple treatments

    While you know that it will take multiple sessions, there is really no way for your clinician to know exactly how many treatments it will take.

    It is also important to know that you need downtime between sessions. Not enough downtime can increase your chances of side effects.

  3. Location location

    Did you know that the closer your tattoo is to your heart, the better your results are likely to be? Areas with poor circulation tend to take longer to heal

  4. Professional vs Amateur

    Colors and depth play a large part in how effective your tattoo removal will be. Professional tattoos penetrate deeper into the skin and tend to be more heavily saturated with ink making them challenging to remove. Amateur tattoos are generally less even, not as deep, and use less ink. Overall - Amateur tattoos are more easily removed.

  5. Know your laser

    did you know that different laser wavelengths are used to treat different colors? At Innovative Women's Health we use Harmony XL PRO laser system, which allows us to effectively treat dark tattoo inks, specifically black (which accounts for more than half of all tattoos)

  6. After a treatment

    After a session you might see blisters, swelling, raising of the tattoo, pinpoint bleeding, redness, and temporary darkening. These are common and usually subside within a couple weeks. Please alert your doctor with any concerns you may have.

  7. Side effects

    The most common side effect is a darkening or lightening of the skin, known as either hyper-pigmentation or hypo-pigmentation. This usually corrects itself in 6 to 12 months after treatment. Scars (including keloid scarring) are also a potential risk, as well as infection, burns, and textural changes of the skin.

    Changes in skin tone is to be expected.The laser gets not only the tattoo but also normal skin pigment. This goes away fully with time.

  8. Darkening effect

    Some ink colors may contain irons and can oxidize during treatment causing the skin to darken. This can usually be corrected with additional treatments.

  9. Hypo-pigmentation on darker skin tones

    There is a risk with those who have darker skin tones as the laser may also remove skin pigmentation. Be sure to consult with your clinician about your concerns. Your clinician will also likely do a spot test prior to full treatment.

  10. Ask for before an after photos

    don't be afraid to ask about all the potential side effects and risks based on your situation. You should always ask to see before and after pictures from other clients with similar skin types and tattoos. These steps will help you set realistic expectations.