Just say “No” to hot flashes

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Just say “No” to Hot Flashes    

Just say “No” to hot flashes

Dr. Katie Disharoon ND

Any woman who has felt the flush and sweat of a hot flash can tell you how uncomfortable it is. Hot flashes are a common complaint for perimenopausal and menopausal women and one of the most common motivators to seek medical treatments during this transition. The body experiences this sensation in response to the dropping levels of estrogen and progesterone which occur when the ovaries begin to shut down. These levels begin to affect the body’s thermostat which can cause sweating very quickly in certain situations. Needless to say, hot flashes can be very uncomfortable, distressing and downright debilitating.

A recent article in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine has stirred conversation, showing that women may experience hot flashes for as long as 14 years, with a median of 7.4 years. Some groups of women were more likely to have hot flashes longer including Hispanic and African American women. It also showed that women who started having hot flashes younger (while still having a period) were more likely to continue experiencing hot flashes longer than those whose hot flashes started after their periods stopped.

Besides being uncomfortable, women who experience more intense hot flashes have been shown to be at higher risk for the cardiovascular risks and bone thinning that accompany menopause due to falling hormone levels.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is a safe, natural and proven treatment to help stop menopausal and perimenopausal hot flashes. When these hormones are used, which are identical to the hormones the body produces, they help restore a woman’s quality of life by reducing hot flashes and maintaining bone density. Additionally, bioidentical hormone therapy helps women tackle other symptoms that accompany menopause such as:
•    mood swings
•    low libido
•    hair and skin problems
•    weight gain
•    insomnia

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