What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are just exactly that - It is where the skin has been stretched, usually from rapid growth, and often results in a discolouration. This happens when the skin can not bounce back from an intense period of growth. While stretch marks may fade - they don't always disappear.

Stretch marks are common during puberty for both boys and girls.
As adults  - Weightlifters commonly develop stretch marks.

In women stretch marks are common in the later stages of pregnancy

How are they treated?

Laser therapy  & Microneedling have both been proven effective for stretch mark removal.  Microneedling is great for helping to eliminate stretch marks.  After the Microneedling procedure is done and as the body is healing, it generates new collagen which is used to heal the original tear in the dermis that cause the stretch mark to show initially.

Innovative Women's Health recommends: 

5-8 treatments as well as a few laser treatments.

NOTE: These modalities work well together to really change and reverse the process as though the stretch mark never even existed. Why live with your stretch marks when you can fade or get rid of them altogether?

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