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Medical weight loss can help you lose weight more effectively

Our members achieve desired results because we place our focus on total body composition rather than weight alone. With a complex combination of powerful tools, we customize a personalized plan for your body type.

  • Body composition analysis  

  • Balanced diet plan

  • Hormone therapy

  • Optimize metabolic rate

  • Appetite control treatment

  • Various non-invasive treatments


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Our bodies don't like to change! The body has what is called a "set weight point". This is the point your body believes you're healthiest. When you lose fat, your body decreases Leptin (one of the hormones that makes you feel full), which causes it to go on the defensive, increasing hunger, and slowing your metabolism to conserve energy. We have the tools to help control the severity of the brain's impulses, allowing you to get beyond the cravings.

Once we have the cravings under control we use our modern, non-invasive technologies to target any remaining, stubborn areas of fat.

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Balanced Diet Plan

Balanced Diet Plan

Lab studies have found that the quality of foods have a strong impact on overall weight and can help reduce weight by as much as 15%.

Body Composition Analysis

Body Composition Analysis

Our InBody composition testing machine gives a detailed reading of muscle to fat ratios, BMI and percentage of body fat. Body composition analysis is essential if you want to get serious about managing your weight.

Medically Supervised Therapies

Medically Supervised Therapies

Our clients come to us, often frustrated, with the roller coaster of diet and exercise routines that are trending in the media. Medically Supervised Weight Loss can help you break through that wall and give you the energy to reach your goal.


Non-Invasive Treatments

Cryotherapy - Increase metabolic rate, burn calories, relieve inflammation, relieve stress, improve sleep, pain relief, improve skin tone & more.


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