Middle age couple in bed

A recent study concluded by the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that adults in America were having less sex, roughly nine fewer times per year than 20 years prior.

A large national survey also concluded that fewer than half of women age 57-73 were sexually active, and those who remained active were having sex less than twice a month.  Let’s face it, all types of women today have obstacles in their path to sexual wellness and a healthy sex drive.  


Sexual well-being can be a problem for all types of women in today’s world. Do any of these issues sound familiar to you?

Maybe I’m just getting older...

As women continue through life, they may find themselves slowly begin to experience changes in their body’s natural health and well-being.  This is not uncommon, and is a topic that women will likely find themselves seeking solutions for at some point in their lives.  Decreased sex drive, poor lubrication, or decreased arousal are common signs it may be time to find a path back to fulfillment and sexual wellness.

Because being a mom is a full time job

Research shows that mothers are more involved in their kids lives today than ever before, and parents are starting families later in their lives.  This shift is leaving mothers with less energy at the end of the day.  Also many women find themselves balancing a home life with an ever demanding work schedule,  this exhaustion of energy can affect a woman’s sex drive.  It seemingly becomes harder to find the time and/or motivation to maintain an involved and healthy sex life.

Medications are impacting my sex life

Many women today take daily or long-term medications. Though modern medicine has brought relief, many of these women may also experience unwanted sexual side effects from their medications, placing them in a seemingly compromised position between their health and their wellness.  It is not uncommon for many of today’s medicines, taken daily or otherwise, to decrease a woman’s desire or drive.

I have bigger issues to deal with

Women suffering from chronic conditions or pain may find themselves with a lowered libido.  As women living with chronic pain know, the day is filled with obstacles that can oftentimes keep living a satisfied and normal life just beyond reach.  With all the hardship that goes with chronic pain or conditions, finding the energy to be intimate can sometimes seem an impossible task.

I’m a busy woman - My day never stops

In today’s world technology is consuming more and more of our attention, and women are no exception to this rule.  We spend more time with our devices than ever, maintaining contact with friends or exploring our favorite sites and blogs. Sometimes we experience what is commonly becoming known as “the drift”, with our attention slipping towards our phones and computers, and away from our partner and our sex lives.  This is common in today’s world, and can complicate the dynamic between partners already struggling with issues regarding female arousal, intimacy, and pleasure.


...and we have a solution

The Innovative Women’s Health Program Kit is here to help those suffering from many common causes and realities of an ailing sex life.  Here are a few of the direct issues that the Innovative Women’s Health Program Kit can address.

Improved Libido

Women experiencing a decrease in sexual desire and drive know just how difficult of a situation that can be.  The problem can compound intimacy issues with a partner, or mount overall frustration around a part of a woman’s life that should be filled with pleasure and joy.  Poor libido doesn’t have to be a fact of life, and Innovative Women’s Health Program Kit approaches this issue directly, bringing relief to women of all walks of life.

Solving lubrication issues

Women suffering from poor lubrication can easily find themselves disinterested in a sex life, as it is an oftentimes painful and disheartening experience.  This can have repercussions on a woman’s sexual relationship, and can oftentimes create turmoil between sexual partners.

Relief from painful intercourse

Ailing vaginal tissue health can have a huge negative impact on a woman’s sex life.  Thinning of the vaginal walls, shortening/tightening of the vaginal canal and vaginal inflammation are just a few of the many symptoms of poor tissue health.  This often painful predicament can certainly severely affect a woman’s willingness and desire to become intimate.

Sex shouldn’t be painful.  Though the reasons listed above are all a part of what an Innovative Women’s Health Program kit can provide relief or therapy from, there are indeed some cases for women dealing with painful intercourse that require a full evaluation by a healthcare provider.


OK - here are some reasons to make the time.

Now let’s talk about the benefits of a healthy sex life.  Did you know that having sex twice a week can have a positive effect on both your overall health and appearance?  As a matter of fact, regular sexual activity can have many positive effects.

Improved mood, pain reduction and healthier skin

Regular sex increases the immune boosting hormone DHEA, resulting in healthier skin and oftentimes an overall decrease in the symptoms of depression.  Regular sex also increases Oxytocin, the hormone responsible for releasing endorphins and a natural pain relieving opiate.

Minimize your stress and live a longer life.

Sex also reduces stress which results in reducing cortisol levels. This leads to a more balanced body, maintaining proper blood pressure and blood sugar, as well as naturally lowering acidity in a woman’s abdomen.

Stronger immune system

Women with regular sex lives often see an increase in Immunoglobulin A, an antibody which strengthens the immune system.  Women participating in sex at least twice a week show on average a 30% higher level of Immunoglobulin A.

There are studies that show regular penetration and orgasms can lead to promoting the health of a woman’s pelvic floor, increasing blood flow and muscle contraction.

Remember a time in life when you felt engaged and satisfied. Isn’t it time to regain your femininity?  There are countless reasons why women often times forget to nurture one of the most basic and powerful parts of themselves.  It is easy in today’s world to get so caught up in other things that a healthy and satisfying sex life falls to the wayside.  Innovative Women’s Health has created the Innovative Women’s Health Program Kit, on a mission to help women re-capture their spark and regain their love life.


So by now you might be wondering what exactly is a Innovative Women’s Health Program Kit and how can it help to improve your sex life?  

The Innovative Women’s Health Program Kit is a treatment for women experiencing low libido, poor-or-failing vaginal tissue tissue health, painful intercourse, low sex drive, and poor lubrication.  


The kit is comprised of quality medications targeted at women’s sexual health, and comprised of pharmaceutical grade ingredients.  The Innovative Women’s Health Program Kit does not contain any controlled substances, and no added hormones are necessary.

The kit includes a gel compounded with Sildenafil and Arginine and when applied is used to improve blood flow to the genitals, enhancing libido and drive.  Simply apply the gel a half hour before intercourse or intimacy and enjoy up to two hours of increased arousal.  The gel can also be reapplied as needed.

Vitamin E, DHEA, and hyaluronic acid (which occurs naturally in the body) serve as a natural lubricant and are applied with a gel.  Aiding to plump and moisturize the skin, this natural lubricant can ease pain or displeasure during penetration or intercourse. This gel can also lead to increased sex drive, the promotion of collagen formation, and overall vaginal tissue health.

Oxytocin is taken daily in the form of a rapid dissolve table for women suffering from poor mood or decreased enjoyment in their sex lives.  This promotes a boost in satisfaction, mood, and an increase in pleasure during intimacy.


Innovative Women’s Health set out on a mission to bring relief to the growing number of women suffering from the many of the causes affecting their sex lives today.  Whether dealing with poor libido, painful intercourse, poor lubrication, vaginal tissue health, or low sex drive, it’s time to take back control of your sex life with the help of an Innovative Women’s Health Program Kit today.

The kits are available in 90-day supplies, and in the long-term to the extent pursuant of a valid prescription.  Every woman’s needs are addressed individually, so you must set up a time to see a physician to talk about whether or not the Innovative Women’s Health Program Kit is right for you.  Medications are taken daily in order to encourage continued sexual well-being and satisfaction. Come in and talk with Innovative Women’s Health today.


Innovative Women’s Health is committed to providing modern sexual health solutions for the modern woman. With all the many complications, interruptions, and hang-ups of modern life, it’s no wonder that Innovative Women’s Health has brought satisfaction and relief to all types of women.  Schedule an appointment today and find out for yourself why Innovative Women’s Health is Washington’s premier health clinic for women, and why the Innovative Women’s Health Program Kit has brought back the spark for so many women today.