InBody Body Composition Machine for Medical Weight Loss

Innovative Women's Health InBody for better Weight loss

InBody Body Composition Machine for Medical Weight Loss

In recent years, new technologies have come around that allow for complete monitoring of body composition and more. With these technologies it is possible to completely personalize diet plans in a way that works for each person individually.

Making sure that you are being medically safe when you are on your weight loss journey can be confusing. This is why many people turn to medical professionals to undertake medical weight loss. But not all clinics or doctors offer the best technology to measure bodies and determine body composition for the best results. Fortunately, Innovative Women’s Clinic is one of the few medical clinics offering advanced body composition analysis for weight loss.

What Is InBody?

If you aren’t sure that this technology will really help you, InBody has a proven track record that speaks for itself. Dr. Melina Jampolic recommends the InBody system through her expert advice on CNN’s website. She had this to say:

Which test should I trust when measuring my body fat?

It’s becoming clear that clinics with access to the InBody system have a better understanding of what is actually needed for medical weight loss. The biggest challenge then becomes understanding the unique eating challenges that face each person who comes through the doors, ensuring they receive the best possible results after their initial information has been collected.

Bioelectrical impedance – The principal behind this measurement is that electricity flows differently through fat and lean body mass. By measuring the resistance to the flow of a very small current of electricity through different parts of your body (most commonly the arms, legs or both), body fat percentage is estimated. The problem is that many of these devices don’t measure belly fat, which is the most dangerous. So if a man has thin legs and a big belly, their body fat measurement will not be accurate. In addition, as with all body composition testing devices, they are sensitive to hydration status. So if you measure your body fat after a workout (when most people are dehydrated) or first thing in the morning, the test will be less accurate and will overestimate your body fat. The most accurate time of day for ttesting with these units (and any other body composition testing methods) is late morning and before you exercise. Hydration levels may also be affected by excess alcohol intake, medication, and PMS. 

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InBody USA covers some of the most important myths behind dieting and helps answer questions for anyone looking to truly understand how to maximize their results. In a recent article they go out of their way to clarify the role of carbohydrates in our health and in terms of weight loss.

Should You Give Up Carbs for Weight Loss?

...Once your cells, liver, and skeletal muscles reach their maximum glycogen storage capacity ( roughly 300-500 grams for skeletal muscles and about 100 grams for the liver), excess glucose is converted into fat through a processed called de novo lipogenesis. 

But here’s the catch: it turns out that de novo lipogenesis exerts little influence in terms of significant weight gain, particularly if your excess carb consumption is preceded with exercise and carb restriction (which explains why intermittent fasting works for others). 

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Due to our commitment to our patients, Innovative Women’s Clinic offers the InBody system as a way to measure progress. While many clinics don’t offer this service, Innovative Women’s Clinic understands that your medical weight loss progress impacts you in other areas of your life as well, making it important for anyone dealing with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low testosterone, and more.

Women who look deeper into taking proper care of themselves are more likely to have a more fulfilling life. They can expect their personal satisfaction to increase as they lose weight and find their inner self once again. Consider following the medical tips and information that they provide for more information on life-changing technologies they offer.