Phentermine: The Innovative Approach

Phentermine: The Innovative Approach

September is just around the corner, and with it comes the end of Summer.  

You might have spent summer 2018 achieving a weight loss milestone, and are looking to capitalize on all the hard work. Or like most women who struggle with their weight, you are beginning to feel helpless as pool season passes you by entirely.  Either way, now is the time to start thinking about where you want to be with your weight loss journey the next time summer comes around.

Innovative Women’s has the answers

Innovative Women's Health specializes in medically supervised weight loss.  We provide a straight-forward and step-by-step approach to weight loss that gives you the tools to reach weight loss goals systematically.  Medical weight loss programs including the use of FDA approved weight loss aids are proven to be more reliable than a weight loss plan you would get from a gym or personal trainer.

There are many factors that lead to the effectiveness of medical weight loss, but a balanced approach should include leading edge research, medical science, and one-on-one support designed to help women achieve their goals.

Phentermine is one of the leading medical weight-loss aids on the market today

Phentermine is a prescription medication used to suppress appetite. Originally approved by the FDA for medical use in 1959, Phentermine can aid women with their weight loss goals by decreasing feelings of hunger, and making them feel full longer.  When used in conjunction with a medically supervised diet and weight loss plan, women continue to achieve consistent results with Phentermine.

We know there is nothing easy” about losing weight alone

Women who struggle with their weight know that beaches often come with the stress and struggle of feeling uncomfortable about your body.  

Phentermine program

When you decide it’s time to do something about it, next comes the diets...

If you’ve ever been serious about dieting, odds are you have tried more than one way to shed the weight.  Countless hours in front of the mirror wondering if anything is even helping at all can leave you less than enthusiastic about continuing towards your weight loss goals.  If you are going it alone, that feeling of hopelessness can derail your weight loss plans all-together.

Medical weight loss aids such as Phentermine can help optimize your metabolic rate, diminish feelings of hunger, and minimize reactive eating impulses.

Phentermine works by stimulating the hypothalamus, which regulates body functions such as appetite.  Used alone or in conjunction with diet and exercise, Phentermine can help you lose weight while the effects of coming on to a new routine solidify.  Phentermine is an effective tool to help you feel full longer, optimize your metabolic rate, and minimize the risk of impulsive eating.  

Who we are

At Innovative Women’s Health we offer tested, proven, and medically backed weight loss solutions with an individualized approach for each of our clients.  We pair you with the right weight-loss plan to fit your body, and together we start you on the path to your weight loss goals. All of our doctors are licensed, knowledgeable, and feel passionately about giving you the ally you deserve!

Our team of doctors has over a decade of experience helping women achieve their weight loss goals with a personalized approach based on you and your goals

Medical weight loss, such as the use of a prescription aid like Phentermine, is actually proven to be more reliable than any weight loss plan from a gym or personal trainer.  At Innovative Women’s, our secret is so much more than our medically backed weight loss programs.

From your first consultation forward, our goal is to provide each client with continued support and guidance until you see results.  We don’t just send you on your way, we are there to help keep you on track throughout each step of your weight loss journey.

With you each step of the way

Support and accountability are priceless assets in the world of weight loss.  With most diets, what personalized support” really means is at best a loosely categorized experience based on only a few factors.  At Innovative Women’s we see our clients as people first, and go to work customizing a medical weight loss plan that fits your lifestyle.

Interested in learning more?  Schedule your consultation and talk with Innovative Women’s today

If you are serious about losing weight, the supervised use of a prescription aid such as Phentermine can offer the edge you need to finally achieve that body you crave.  Talk with our experienced and knowledgeable team to see if a weight loss plan including phentermine could be right for you. From there, the results will speak for themselves.

It’s all about you

When you come in we’ll discuss what might be holding you back, and where we can help.  From there we go to work, designing a custom weight loss plan that fits your goals, time, and lifestyle.

With Innovative Women’s Health, achieve the body you crave

If you have been looking for a weight loss solution, look no further than the Pacific Northwest’s premier medical weight loss provider, Innovative Women’s Health.  Set up your consultation and begin the journey to the new you today.