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Do you have a satisfying sex life?

Do you have a healthy libido and often experience orgasm?

Did you know up to 50% of women experience sexual dysfunction of some kind? That means up to half of all women rarely feel sexually aroused and/or experience few, if any, orgasms. It’s time women stand up and reclaim their territory in the bedroom because we have just as much of a right to experience pleasure as our partners!

What can we do to improve our sexual satisfaction? Thanks to advances in research and understanding of the female sexual response, there are an increasing number of solutions to this predicament.

What kind of sexual dysfunction are you concerned about?

The female sexual response is quite complex and works properly thanks to a delicate balance of physical, psychological, social and emotional states and responses. It’s important to note that although an imbalance may be present, it is only considered a “dysfunction” when it causes distress for the patient, their partner or both. Issues in any one of these areas can cause a less than satisfying experience for a woman or her partner:

● No Desire – Lack of desire or low libido is common, especially in older women. The body’s lack of hormonal levels, especially decreased levels of testosterone, can lead to less desire. There are many other factors which may contribute to low libido in women of all ages including emotional states (stress, anxiety and depression), substance use, illness, certain medications, thyroid problems and relationship problems. When a woman is physically and mentally, she should have a desire for sex.

● No Arousal – Women experience sexual arousal as a combination of physical changes and thoughts and feelings internally. Normal physical changes that occur for a woman who is sexually aroused include vaginal lubrication, vulvar swelling and increased desire for sex with sexual touch. Women with arousal issues may not experience any or all of these changes. Lack of arousal may be due to lack of blood flow or a lack of nervous system sensitivity to sexual touch.

● No Orgasm – “Anorgsamia” is the official term referring to absence of orgasm even in the presence of sexual arousal. While not extremely common, it is surprising to find that up to 12% of women who seek treatment for sexual dysfunction have never experienced orgasm. Although many women have accepted anorgasmia as normal, it is treatable and many have gained their orgasms again with the proper care.

● Painful Sex – “Dyspareunia” means painful intercourse. Sadly, this is common for many women. Causes of pain during sex can which are treatable with plant-based hormone therapies include: vaginal atrophy, lack of lubrication, local irritation and being prone to vaginal infections. There are many additional causes of painful sex which should be fully evaluated by your healthcare provider.

Your sexual health is important, so don’t hesitate to seek help if you need it! You deserve more!

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