Dr Washington

Dr. Washington’s passion for hormone replacement therapy has led to over 1000 patient lifestyle interventions. The integrative approach of Western medicine as an MD, anti-aging specialist, and professional collaborations with Naturopathic physicians has led to the most unique and innovative approaches in the field of women’s health. The trademarked PROTECT™ program was his development and remains the cornerstone approach to addressing hormonal abnormalities in a personal way.

Dr. Washington was born and raised in Seattle where he attended college at Whitman and graduated Medical School at University of Cincinnati. He then completed an Emergency Medicine Residency program at University of Illinois at Chicago. Upon returning to the Seattle area in 2007 Dr Washington received additional training and certification in the blossoming field of Anti-Aging medicine and interventional Endocrinology. Dr Washington first opened a men’s anti-aging center in 2009 before his recent building of the Innovative Women's Health Protect Clinic designed to address the needs of the aging woman.

Innovative Women’s Health PROTECT™ hormone & weight control program

About Ideal Protein: IP is a medical weight loss program designed by scientists and administered by health care providers. The program is ketogenic (fat-burning), low carb and offers a wide variety of great tasting food choices. What sets IP apart from the pack is the delicious food, the education on the proper way to eat to lose and maintain weight loss and the amazing results!

If you’re interested in weight loss, schedule your consultation at Innovative Women's Health's Protect Hormone Clinic. We offer Ideal Protein as well as HCG and weight loss medication to help jump start your progress. Please give us a call at (206) 457-5518

What is the PROTECT™ hormone therapy solution?

The PROTECT™ protocol is an evidence-based plant based hormonal replacement therapy program designed for women to not only treat the symptoms of hormonal imbalance, but provide important protection for the bone, heart, skin, and brain.

Where can I learn more about Hormone Replacement Therapy

We have facilities in Seattle and Bellevue WA. We offer consultations at both locations. Set an appointment to speak to a physician and have an evaluation of your unique symptoms. The physician will perform a uniquely broad based panel of hormonal blood work and discuss various "anti-aging" therapies to uncover the potential hormonal abnormalities. At Innovative Women's health, we look at your health history holistically and create a customized solution focused on your own unique situation. Your physician will be able to provide you a customized plan that is focused on your your exact situation. Once we are able to correct the underlying hormonal imbalances that you are experiencing, Using the natural plant-based hormones found in the PROTECT™ Hormonal replacement therapy protocol,  you will find that zip in your step you once had. Why deprive yourself of the joy that comes with a life well lived. Call and make an appointment today.